Lookout baby boomers, the new pin up girls are here! has the retro dresses and vintage dresses most sought after by today’s modern bombshell girl. We have special pin up dresses brought back from the 40’s and 50’s of the pin up couture. These pin up dresses have a sweet innocence blended with a bit of naughty for a combination of designer motifs in timeless fabrics. Polkadots, stripes, wiggle dresses, checkers, paisley and swing dresses are just a few of the classic pin up doll dress designs you will find. You can wear pinup dresses as costumes or for role playing; or wear pin up doll vintage dresses to the office or the prom and everyone will think you have great fashion sense. With so many colors and choices, our selection of retro dresses at Pin up Doll will make no need for you to look elsewhere.


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Sexy Mini Halter Dress
Price: $27.90
Romantic Tank Dress
Price: $33.90
Lace Bandeau Dress
Price: $43.90
Distinctively Divine by Espiral
Price: $29.90
Audacious Dress by Espiral
Price: $29.90
Simply Sexy Dress
Price: $39.90
Veronica Polka Dot Dress
Price: $117.95
Rose Dress in Bright Pink
Price: $117.95
Dhalia in Black Cherry
Price: $111.95
Classic Vogue Dress in Red
Price: $107.95
Steady Clothing Marina Dress
Price: $49.95
Wet Look Tube Mini Dress
Price: $19.95
Ponte Knit Dress with Faux Leather Belt 7456
$49.95 Sale Price: $24.95
Knit Pin Up Dress Red with Black Polka Dots
$69.95 Sale Price: $49.95
Alika Circle Black Retro Dress
Price: $129.95
Nautical Sailor Jane Swing Dress by Lolita Girl
$99.95 Sale Price: $69.95
Ahoy Pin Up Style Black Wiggle Dress Lolita Girl
Price: $114.95
Black Doll Face Retro Dress by Stop Staring
Price: $154.95
Charlie Swing Dress by Lolita Girl Clothing
Price: $114.95
Celebrity Polka Dot Pencil Dress Stop Staring
Price: $169.95
Ahoy Retro Style Red Wiggle Dress by Lolita Girl
Price: $114.95
Mad Men Retro Black Dress by Stop Staring MDMEN
Price: $149.95
Cherry and Polka Dot Print Retro Dress CHRYDR-03
Price: $157.95
Love Retro Pencil Dress by Stop Staring Clothing
Price: $139.95
Halter Long Dress, Crepe Style Flowing Skirted Bottom 4774
Price: $64.95
Billion Dollar Baby Retro Wiggle Dress Stop Staring
Price: $153.95
Leopard Halter Dress, Tulle Underskirt, Corset Tie Back
Price: $96.95
Cover Girl Swing Dress by Stop Staring Clothing
Price: $153.95
Billion Dollar Baby Retro Cocktail Wiggle Dress
Price: $153.95
Alika Pencil Dress In Red
Price: $123.95
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Showing 57 item(s)